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QUADRO 3 350

Only 6799 euro!

QUADRO 3 350

Quadro 3 350 cc Los Gigantes Tenerife only 6790 euro! Three-wheel maxi-scooter for sale Los Gigantes . Quad for sale Tenerife . Developed by Quadro to leverage the great opportunities offered by a new and exclusive technology, the HTS Hydraulic Tilting System.

The low center of gravity and the minimized overall weight allow QUADRO3 to offer a safe ride and the maximum comfort. QUADRO3 is the perfect vehicles for the daily ride around the city.

The HTS is equipping the two front wheels of  Quadro 3 allowing these to tilt simultaneously. This innovative tilting guarantees precision and a stable riding position even at times of poor balance, road humps, potholes, metal tram lines, small obstacles, puddles or wet roads.

The HTS on the new QUADRO3 offers the perfect riding feeling of a three-wheeler even to less experienced users.

The brilliant Quadro 3 350 – 350 cc engine, the two 14” front wheels and the integral braking system give QUADRO3 an agile and responsive ride, allowing it to easily overtake obstacles, to pull away from the rush-hour traffic and to twist and turn in perfect safety.

Quadro 3  is equipped with roomy under-seat storage able to host two demi-jet helmets or a large bag and two other small compartments in the front, one offering a 12-Volts standard car sockets to recharge electronic devices.

This maxi scooter is available in three colors: Snow White, Titanium Grey and Raw Black.

Quadro 3 350 cc can be ridden in EU with car driving license.



Type 3 Wheel scooter
Model Quadro 3 350
Engine 350 cc
Year 2018